Monday, February 3, 2014

Table in the physical query, but not in join criteria


  • I have a physical dimension, which has a primary key (not exposed to any logical column)
  • Few fields from this dimension as exposed to a logical table. I added this table in excising LTS of a dimension to which this is snow flaked.
  • There is no consistency error on the RPD.


  • When I pull fields from dimension in to analysis, it brings up two tables in the query, but this dimension is not joined to any other in the query. The join criteria is missing that I was expecting in the query.

  • It was my mistake during defining the physical layer join. When I double clicked the physical layer join to view the criteria, I noticed I had defined a self join like below:


Table1.primay_key = table1.primary_key


Instead the correct join key should have been:


Table1.primary_key = table2.primary_key


Very simple mistake, but very annoying to get it fixed, especially if you have several physical tables to troubleshoot.

I noticed another variation to the problem above. Click here to read my second blog post.

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